Sunday, April 19, 2009

Need For Speed!

It’s a Saturday morning; I am taking an early morning casual stroll towards the Agriculture college ground.
I notice a BMW speed past me at the speed of nuts! "Gosh", I say to myself," what a car! What speed"...
The word ‘Speed’ triggers off a thought process…”Speed is the hallmark of scientific progress - almost all the innovations in Science are intended to achieve or increase the "speed" of some or other thing ( Think about this).”

As I enter the Garden a revelation dawns upon me “ as civilizations grow more n more mature the lifestyle tends to become more n more pacey. The Bombay life is a case in the point”….. I start wondering why….
The sweet fragrance of the flowers has me spell bound, even as I start getting the answer …“ The physical world is the manifestation of the mental world. The fastest entity known is “thought”, speed of thought is greater than any speed that one can think of, much faster than the speed of even the light…. The physical world is inherently inclined to catch up with the speed of mental world ( ie the speed of thought). It is this ‘Need for Speed’ , of the physical world, that causes advanced civilizations to be much faster – in terms of anything – than the primitive ones. "

” Its this inclination of the physical world ( i.e the tendency to gain speed ), that has kept driving, and will always keep driving the pace of lives. The more advanced the civilization gets the more pacey it will become. This necessarily means that, a time will come when the BMW, that had majestically sped past me, wont , relatively, be as fast as it is right now. Science will keep throwing up innovations that will keep feeding into the physical worlds ‘Need for Speed’.”

I approach a juice vendor ( Tapri types), and order an ‘all mix fruit juice’, even as my thoughts continue their aimless journey.. “ Light is the fastest entity in the physical world… Will there be a time when science reaches a stage so advanced that will be able to travel faster than light?....” My juice arrives, I take the 1st sip… its delicious… n so is this thought… “ a no. of physists have argued that if 1 can travel faster than light one will be able to travel back in time… So this, necessarily means that a world where one can travel faster than light would be a world where there would be no difference between the past, the present and the future… no dichotomy between the physical and mental worlds…that would be the world of spirit… the world of God himself….the salvation of the Earth…”

Even as I finish my juice, a handsome Enfield Bike speeds past me… I smile to myself and walk away. :)