Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Left or Right...

“Should I take a left or a right”? I wondered, having gotten myself lost for the n’th time in Pune City. It had started to rain, I needed to decide quickly. That was when a thought came to mind,

“What determines our decisions?” - All our decisions are governed ‘Thought’ (which may manifest itself in from of Rationality or emotion etc.) Our thoughts define us.

“But where do the thoughts come from?” - Science doesnt have an answer yet; Spirituality says that thoughts mainly come from the karmic conditioning – they come from the God.

Coming back, both Left and Right would lead me to different places, different possibilities and perhaps, different outcomes – different destinies.

This, now, brings me to a more fundamental question. “Is destiny Fixed and Pre-determined?” (There is a difference between the two!!) - I admit to being a firm believer in Destiny being Pre determined (otherwise how do we explain the ‘de-ja-vu’ dreams that we keep having from time to time).

So now the question remains “Is destiny Fixed”? The fact that I am free to take a left or a right, and the possibility of a unique outcome in each instance, leads me to believe that destiny is not fixed. A Fixed destiny, further, seems to be repugnant to the Laws of the Universe as it renders important virtues like hard work, nobility, philanthropy meaningless. (If destiny is fixed and non changeable there is no incentive to work hard, stay away from bad habits, help people etc.). Also, a fixed destiny would bore the hell out of the God!! J

So, Destiny isn’t fixed but it’s predetermined. This means that there already exist two unique worlds: one in which I have taken a left, and the other in which I taken a right!! J Worlds with their own unique outcomes and unique ( but predetermined) destinies!! Quantum Physicists call this phenomenon as ‘Alternative Universes’, i.e the Universes that exist parallely with each other. Thus, every decision that we take, creates an alternative universe.

The Bhagwat Gita says that the God is the Sum total of the all the stuff comprising the Universe. On juxtaposing this wisdom with the theory of Alternative universes, it becomes clear God is the Sum total of all the alternative universes…Decisions of ours lead to alternative universes. The alternative universes define the God.

All this leads to a startling conclusion…. God defines us through thought, we define God through Action…. J “Whoa!!” I exclaim, still unsure whether to take a left or to take a right…